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Who is Angles Communication Solutions?
Angles is a telephone company that provides phone and internet service to residential and business customers throughout the southeast. The average residential customer will see a 20% savings while the average business customer can expect to save 30% - 45% on their current telephone and internet bills.

Why is Angles Different? Would you like FREE Long Distance bundled with your local service every month? What about including the best features available such as Call ID Deluxe and Call Waiting Deluxe? How about having all of this on one simple bill with one LOW payment? This is exactly what Angles provides it's customers every month.

How does Angles provide my service? Angles utilizes the existing Bell® telephone network and will seamlessly transition your service. You keep your same number, same wiring, no visits from a technician - just better value on all of your telephone services.

Now the choice is yours. Click on the links above for more information on your choices for your home or call for a "no pressure" quote on your business communication.


Angles C.S. Corporate Headquarters
7850 Stage Hills Blvd., Suite 108
Memphis, TN 38133

Toll Free: 1.866.466.5949
Tel: 901.373.3103 Fax: 901.381.9507
Customer Support: 1.877.ANGLES.5
General Inquiries:

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